Are they dolls or babies?

The talented artist Lucie Corriveau creates reborn babies. These high quality handmade dolls faithfully represent human babies. These surprisingly realistic works of art secretly come to life in her workshop that is part nursery, part laboratory.

Every tiny detail is crucial: the shape, size, weight, hair (each hair is individually implanted), eyelashes, eyes, gender, the various shades and nuances of skin colour, tiny birthmarks, blotches. Everything is thought out to give them the appearance of a live baby. If you send her a picture of a baby, Lucie Corriveau can reproduce it, much like a painter would make a likeness on canvas.

Each one being unique, these babies or dolls become collectors’ items. Some people purchase them to add to their collection, others to give as a gift to grandma to make up for the fact that her grandchild lives far away. They may also be used for their therapeutic value for people who live alone or who have Alzheimer, for example.

They bring comfort and a feeling of well-being!


About Lucie

A life-long artist, Lucie Corriveau discovered reborn babies in the 90s. She was immediately struck by their realism and their amazing resemblance to human babies. They became an instant fascination for her and she began to create them herself.

She first began intense training in France where she perfected this detail-oriented art under the tutelage of Mrs. Mireille Legris, an expert in her field. After years of experimenting and creating nearly one hundred babies, Lucie Corriveau remains passionate about her art and creations. She compares her work to that of painters of yesteryear who would paint family portraits. What makes her happiest is the joy of succeeding in creating unique works of art that so closely resemble real babies and the happiness of the people who adopt these babies.



To see all the babies, go to the nursery.

Please note that these pages are in French.


Adopting a baby

To adopt a baby, send me an email with the name of the baby of your choice and your contact details.

I will contact you to provide you with further details (such as price, delivery, which is included in the price of the doll).

Note: Payment can be made in several installments (i.e. monthly).

I also accept orders for a specific baby, such as age, eye colour, hair colour, nationality and the baby’s gender. You may also send me a picture that I can reproduce.


Don't hesitate to contact me !
Lucie Corriveau, artist


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